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Peaches, on the left, always wants to be involved in what we’re doing, but she’s also sure we’re not telling her everything about it. She knows we know where the Red Dot Maker is, so why are we doing these boring things like Clearing the Ice or Doing the Dishes instead of playing with her and the red dot?

Enid, the little hen in the middle, doesn’t look like much, but she’s survived a hawk attack AND a severe (truly awful) bullying by the rest of her flock. She’s healed very well and she’s out there every day, grabbing her share of the daily treats and coming up to me for extra treats. (Yes, she gets them, every time.)

And Amos, there, on the right. He’s so earnest and concerned. I’m not entirely sure what he’s concerned about, but he’s definitely thinking something over. Right this very second, he’s napping behind me on the chair, so it can’t be anything too worrying.