Exciting news! I finished writing the third Kay novel! Now it’s at the beta readers, getting marked up and ready. Soon (very soon), I plan on publishing it for everyone to read. Eeek! I just have to write the blurb for it, which I’m not looking forward to. I don’t know why, but writing the novel is fun and writing the blurb is awful. I alternate between not knowing how to condense everything down into a short and snappy couple of paragraphs and… thinking, “oh god, did anything happen in the book at all?”

In other news, far less exciting, our weather has been weird. It was up in the 40s this week, but then today it’s been what they call a ‘Wintry Mix’, which sounds refreshing and is, instead, tiny little hail droplets. As soon as they hit the ground, they freeze to each other, making a horrible, hard, crusty, soggy-bottomed mess. The snowblower’s going to have a problem getting through this. I’d hoped the weather would warm up (a single day at 40F would deal with it), but we’re supposed to be getting even colder temperatures all weekend. Ugh. (I seriously thought about getting out the flame thrower and seeing if I could just… melt everything on the driveway.)


One of my chickens got out a few days ago. When I went out to feed them in the morning, Pudding was sauntering around outside their electric fence, casual and bossy. She strolled up to me as if to ask me where I keep the mealworms. She was quite dismayed to find herself gathered up and brought back inside, but forgave the indignity when she got some scratch to eat. Silly hen.