Suddenly, it’s springtime. Just last week, our lawn was covered in at least 9″ of snow and now it’s clear and the squirrels are bouncing around, trying to steal the seeds from the bird feeders.

It’s been a good week, really. We had the first warm sun of the season, my family and I went out for a walk by the beach, I finished an outline for a novel I’ve had in mind for years and I’ll be starting to write it on Monday.

Big tabby cat basking in the sun coming.

Bo has been frustrated all winter by the horrible white stuff on the ground. He loves to go on walks, but discovered that snow makes his feet cold and wet, so he stayed inside. This is the first time the sun’s been warm enough for him to get a good basking session in.

tabby cat in bright vest walking on a leash

Luna, however, went out for a walk. She was nervous about things, especially this leftover patch of ice.