It’s suddenly summer here – everything is obnoxiously, brilliantly, beautifully green. Flowers abound, and bees are flying everywhere, working hard to make sure we all have lots to eat and see and admire.

My lawn is in desperate need of mowing, the trees around my house have gone from sticks to giant leafy pompoms, and it’s all a little bit magical to me; I’m from California, where there isn’t this much seasonal dimorphism. In my head, I’m still expecting all of this explosive growth to contribute to a really bad Fire Season.

view of a green meadow between tall green trees

This is breathtakingly green in person, especially since I’m used to the green of new growth turning quickly to a burnished gold color. Sometimes I sit in our yard and just boggle at all the leaves and stuff.

Bo, in the garden

Bo-cat likes to relax in the garden with us. He would dearly like to meet one of the squirrels or chipmunks up close.

Chickens in the yard

We have a mixed flock of chickens – we’re new to keeping livestock, so this is all exciting for us. The chickens are all about 14 weeks old and some should start laying in the next month. We hope to have a nice, big coop finished for them to live in by then.