grey fog over flat calm water with trees at the mid-left

New years are interesting. They’re ‘fresh starts’, opportunities to let go of old patterns and habits which aren’t working. There’s a lot of pressure to Make Resolutions and Do It Right, as if you hadn’t made resolutions a million times already and found that expecting some sort of instant, magical change to come over you so that you get up on time every day and always get all your work done is unlikely to actually happen.

(We might be talking about me, here. In fact, I’m definitely talking about myself. I keep saying I’m going to get up on time, but then bed is so cozy and I’m trapped under all four of the cats and I couldn’t possibly disturb them, could I?)

Anyway, it’s 2022, a date which sounds like The Future to me (but I grew up before Y2K, so I might be a bit biased). I’m hoping that The Future starts being a little kinder to all of us. The past few years have beenĀ rough.

I’ve been spending the past few days working on planning out this year – I’m planning on publishing the rest of Kay’s story before the middle of the year and I’m also thinking about my next series. The main character for that one has been waiting, slightly impatiently, for me to get organized and start moving on her story.

I’m also hoping to get my garden up and running. I’ve got a decent bit of land here and I’m tired of letting it lie there, boring and unkempt. I have a little greenhouse and a bunch of seeds. Some of what I want to do will take money, so I’ll be saving up, but I don’t need to re-cobble the back yard path immediately. How much could a couple of yards of good quality soil cost, anyway? (Don’t tell me, I like having a happy fantasy life.)

But for this week, I’ve got Kay’s next book to write and cats to spoil. That’s enough for now.