It’s been a stressful week.

There’s a blizzard coming on Saturday, and our furnace broke on Thursday night. We spent all day Friday dealing with the repair – and also with the fact that our internet was down. All day.

The repairman was nice and, even more importantly, he was experienced and skilled. We called the place and they said they’d send someone ‘as soon as there was a tech available’, which honestly didn’t sound encouraging. Half an hour later, we got a phone call from the repairman saying he was ten minutes away.

My husband met him at the garage. He described the issue and the guy said, “oh yeah, it’s your flibbertigibbet, it’s gone whingle. You need a blohguf and a driglop, and then we’ll do a quick reverse rubsket and you’ll be fiiiine.” (I mean, really he said, “I got this. Someone replaced the expansion tank and didn’t pressurize it, then that made it leak which killed your pressure relief, and your feed valve is also toast.” but it might as well have been the first thing.)

It didn’t take him that long to fix it (an hour?) but by then, the house had been steadily cooling for nearly 20 hours, so it was nippy inside. By bedtime, though, it was lovely and comfortable. Never let yourself forget the pleasures of good insulation and excellent heating. Wonders of the modern world!


I took some pictures of all of my fountain pens for a friend and, while I still want more, I think I’ll have to wait for a while. I mean, how many pens can I actually use in a week? (I have about forty (40) fountain pens. That’s… a lot.)

I’ve been buying them when I finish a novel (no, I haven’t finished 40 novels. I mean that the most recent purchases have been Novel Rewards.), but I think I’ll be getting a tiara for myself for this upcoming one.

I think the publication date is going to be February 16th, the full moon. I can’t wait!